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Editors:   Sam Borgese, Tony Corso, Dave Druker, Bud Emerson, Nancy Fisher, Ann Gardner, Virginia Lawrence, Art Olson, Sherryl Parks, Sandi Weaver, Betty Wheeler.

Webmaster: Virginia Lawrence

Correspondence and letters
Mail:  Sandpiper, Box 2177, Del Mar, CA  92014
Email:  editor  

Letters to the Editor

The Sandpiper welcomes readers’ letters and articles on topics of interest to the Del Mar community. We strive to provide a variety of viewpoints represented in a responsible manner. Readers may also recommend or propose articles.

Material submitted may be published in either the print edition or on the website.
Letters which will be considered for print should not exceed 100 words; articles considered for print should not exceed 400 words.

Writers of material selected for publication will be notified prior to publication. We regret we cannot return or acknowledge unpublished material.

Material to be published may be edited or shortened.

Material submitted must include the writer’s name, address and phone number.
Publication of any letters or articles in either print or web editions is at the discretion of the editorial board.

Send to:
The Sandpiper, Box 2177, Del Mar, CA 92014; or


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