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EDITORIAL: Our 2016 Resolve

News Updates
Bud Emerson

Ask Dr. Rich
Rich Simons

Lounging in the Lagoon
Jeff Barnouw

Problematic Parking Proposal
Jeff Barnouw and Ann Gardner

We love our donors.

Crossroads Crossroads
Jeff Barnouw

Rovng Teen Reporter:

Leah Gans

Careful and Deliberate
Art Olson

Watermark Gets Specifc
Bud Emerson

Pass On PASEO?
Ann Gardner

Set Backs: Do They Matter?
Dwight Worden

Little Free Libraries
Shannon Hogan Cohen

“Pastry Angel”
Helen Kaufmann

Clever Carpooling
Shannon Hogan Cohen

El NiÑo Blusters In:
An ill wind that blows nobody any good

Virginia Lawrence

The Price of Plastic
Shirley King

Shores in 3D
Ann Gardner

Canine Cartoons
Steve Crothers

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Junior Lifeguards
Ages 9 through 17
+ a little Turtles program for ages 7 and 8
City of Del Mar

Junior Lifeguard registration for 2016 has begun!  If your child's idea of the perfect summer day includes heading to the beach in Del Mar, consider Del Mar Junior Lifeguard's programs for a summer of improved self-esteem, physical fitness, and fun.  details

Volunteer Opportunities!
City of Del Mar

The City of Del Mar is recruiting for volunteers to serve on a variety of boards and committees.


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Business Volunteers
Four Spaces Open
City of Del Mar

In August of 2013, the City of Del Mar created the Business Support Advisory Committee to do just that - support the business community.   The committee is made up of a variety of business owners and managers as well as commercial property owners.  The idea was to give the businesses a direct line to council members and City staff to discuss issues that could affect them.

The group started by identifying the strengths and weaknesses in the current City processes. We give input as to how the City can be more business-friendly. We point out the constraints from a business perspective and look for opportunities for improvement.  We give recommendations on things such as streetscape, parking, beautification of the downtown area, signage, regulatory changes and marketing.  

There are currently 4 open spaces on this committee.  We would like to include a wide range of individuals who have ideas of what we could do as a City to improve the experience for businesses.  If you are interested in volunteering, the committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month at 9:00 am. Click here to apply.

Timber Two!!
Torrey topples garage

Timber One

During the storm of January 31/February 1
a massive Torrey on a property at the intersection of Forest Way and Serpentine Drive crushed a neighbor's garage and the two cars inside it.
Photos Art Olson.
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El Niño Impact
Too early for a High Tide Breakfast

Sea Lions Stranded
2015 first five months 3340
2014 862
2013 1262
During the night of February 6-7 a baby sea lion found its way into the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club's high-end restaurant, the Marine Room, where it spent the night in the best seat in the house, reported the NY Times.  "The little guy" was too early for the Marine Room's high tide breakfast, said the Executive Chef, who called the Sea World rescue squad.

"El Niño, the weather condition that causes temperatures in the Pacific Ocean to become unusually warm, is believed to be a reason behind the increased strandings [of sea lions] because of its impact on the food supply web."

complete story + video

Down on Carmel Valley Road
This tree came down during the Big Wind at the beginning of the week, and five days later it's still there.  One of the mechanics at the Del Mar Car Service just next door commented that the tree had been dead for years, but the the owner of the house had not had it taken down.  (Location just east of the lights at Carmel Valley Road and 101.)
Photo Virginia Lawrence.
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First Thursdays
Thursday, February 4
Anne Marie Gabriele ~ Oboe and Strings
Cultural Arts Committee of the DMF
Anne Marie Gabriele, oboe.  Violins: Varty Manouelian and Movses Pogossian. Not shown: Cindy Wu, viola, and Armen Ksajikian, cello. 
Photo Bill Morris.
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Pipe up
River Path Del Mar
Freda Reid, Cuchara Drive

I note that in the current paper there are several references to River Path Del Mar. You should be aware of this form of the name as you refer to it as"Del Mar River Path."

This seems a small matter but, in fact , when we named the trail we had a serious discussion on how to do it. The river is actually the San Dieguito River and we wanted to keep that name related, as it is, to a long river for California) and to the San Dieguito Lagoon and the San Dieguito RIver Park.  We wanted to emphasize that the River Path is in Del Mar but that the river's  name is San Dieguito River not Del Mar River. You will see the correct name on the sign on JD Blvd.


February Print Issue
We Our Donors
Your donations keep us viable, and we are grateful for your continuing generosity.

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February Print Issue

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Gun violence is at epidemic levels in our country. Many are frustrated at the inability of our Congress to enact simple, common sense gun safety measures. California leads the nation in enacting gun laws while not undermining the Second Amendment, and more can be done. Many cities are responding to citizen demands for leaders to take a moral stand and whatever steps can be taken at the local level.

February Print Issue

Suzanne Foucault   Ralph Peck   Tom McCarthy

The Sandpiper sadly reports the loss of Suzanne Foucault, Ralph Peck, and Tom McCarthy, three big personalities who each contributed meaningfully to Del Mar.

A trail blazer in local government, Suzanne was an active local and national leader in the Episcopal Church. She coordinated the annual interfaith homeless shelter in Del Mar.

Among other activities, Tom served on the boards of the Del Mar Foundation and Del Mar Community Connections, and as a member of Del Mar Rotary.

Ralph kept the City on its toes by steadfastly writing letters to staff and to the editors of local papers criticizing the size and practices of government and defending citizen’s rights.

All three will be missed.

February Print Issue


Our 2016 Resolve

Every new year, some people make resolutions to change their behavior. At the Sandpiper we have the following wishes/resolutions which we expect to be covering this year.

  1. The City Hall project finally gets off the ground (or the ground is broken) with nearby neighborhood interests addressed.
  2. A master plan for the Shores site is finalized in a way that works for all of the various constituencies.
  3. The Ad Hoc Design Review Committee comes up with sensible recommendations to ensure that neighbors can continue to have an impact on new developments in a way that protects the character of Del Mar.
  4. The Del Mar City Election in November 2016 will give the voters a choice concerning the future of Del Mar.
  5. The Watermark project will be finalized while addressing concerns of the neighbors.
  6. The Garden project (at the old gas station site) will be updated and put in front of the voters in November 2016.
  7. The City Council will restrict short-term rentals in residential neighborhoods.
  8. The City Council will address concerns in the beach area.
  9. More elements of the Camino Del Mar StreetScape plan will be implemented in the Central Commercial district.

Of course we could wish that the fairgrounds would stop having gun shows and only have events that are agricultural or horse-related, but that is unlikely to happen. And of course we can wish for world peace.
We hope that everyone in town has a great 2016!!

February Print Issue

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Shores in 3D
Ann Gardner
Click on image to enlarge.
City Council has requested an intermediary step in the Shores Park design process that would allow more public input on three concept plans presented by consultant Schmidt Design Group to the public for the first time on January 19. It needs more public vetting before we refine any of these options, the Council said. Council asked that “white” 3D models and financial estimates for each concept be available at a public workshop currently scheduled for March 13. “White” 3D models do not include landscaping details but do provide a perspective that would clarify how activities could be placed at the different elevations on the 5.3 acre site that runs east west between Camino del Mar and Stratford Court. In some places the elevation difference is 40 feet.

February Print Issue
Leslie Robson | Lois Lane and Rita Meier | Ocean Avenue

With the redevelopment of the City Hall/Civic Center, the Del Mar Farmers Market Board of Directors is in the process of securing a temporary relocation site for the Saturday market. Board members have met with city staff and the DMVA to discuss several potential sites and issues:

• Shores Property (upper or lower paved areas)
• Camino Del Mar, between 11th and 12th Streets
• Maiden Lane, from 13th to 14th Streets
• Old Gas Station Property
• Former Train Station Property
• 15th Street North Side, in front of L’Auberge
• South Fair Parking Lot

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