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The Sandpiper Endorses

EDITORIAL: Sandpiper’s First Amendment Right

Super Schools
Jeff Barnouw

Design Review Update
Art Olson

Is Del Mar Different?
Bud Emerson

Rich Simons

Roving Teen Reporter:
Election Logic

Lily Nilipour

Del Mar Gun Fight
Wayne Dernetz and Rose Ann Sharp

Climate Nudge
Shirley King

Fact-Check Summary #1-3: The Garden Project; Downtown Revitalization; Railroad Tracks Crossing

Fact-Check #4 Measure R

Measure R Lawsuit Threat
Wayne Dernetz

Measure Q NO
Zach Groban and Deborah Isackson Groban

Measure Q YES
Hard Facts Support “YES” Vote
Claire McGreal

Paving Paradise?
Jan McMillan

Calling Their Bluff
Nancy Fisher

More or Less Moratorium
Ann Gardner

Watermark Downsizes
Nancy Fisher

Temporary Trailhead
Ann Gardner

Tails From Town

Barley Gaylord

Remember When
Eugene Schwartz

Sayings of Six
Bud Emerson

What the Kids are Saying: How To Be a Good Loser
James (9) and Liam (10)

DMF Column

DMCC Column
Jo Morgenthal

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The Sandpiper Endorses

The Sandpiper has carefully reviewed all candidate responses to our questions as well as their track records of involvement in the community. Our mission is to support the values and vision of our Community Plan. Using that as our guide we make the following recommendations for choosing leaders of our community for the next four years. Of course we respect that your choices are ultimately the ones that matter.

Ellen Haviland:
Haviland is rock-solid on key issues including Short Term Rental Businesses (STRB) and the Design Review Board (DRB) Ad Hoc Committee process. Though her tenure on the Planning Commission has been relatively short, her track record there demonstrates her deep, deliberative style, and a solid commitment to the Community Plan. She is energetic, hard-working, and personable, and will bring to the Council important fresh perspectives from a new generation.

Sherryl Parks:
Parks is a solid, reliable champion of neighborhood interests. Her long time volunteer work in the church and community informs her role as Mayor and Council Member. She has an impressive record of accomplishment including big things like our long- promised and false-started civic center and small things like new pedestrian crossings at Powerhouse Park. Her leadership style is to listen respectfully and work toward community unity.

Dave Druker:
Druker is a former 12 year Council Member and an eight years community activist. He can be counted on to make land use decisions that align well with the Community Plan. A supporter of the work of the DRB Ad Hoc Committee, he has a strong position in support of banning short term rentals less than 30 days. However, we are concerned about his leadership role in Measure R which will likely entangle our city in court battles for years to come.

The Sandpiper also endorses:

Erica Halpern, Del Mar Union Elementary School District
Darren Gretler, Del Mar Union Elementary School District
Joyce Dalessandro, San Dieguito Union High School District
Beth Hergesheimer, San Dieguito Union High School District
Rich Shea, County Board of Education
Dave Roberts, County Supervisor
Doug Applegate, US Congress

The Sandpiper recommends:

YES for MEASURE Q - 1% Sales Tax
NO for MEASURE R - Voter approval required for certain developments

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Readers' page

November Print Issue

EDITORIAL: Sandpiper’s First Amendment Right

Channel 10 was asked by an anonymous group and City Council Candidate T. Pat Stubbs to investigate the Del Mar Sandpiper for campaign violations, apparently because the Sandpiper did not endorse his candidacy.

As a 501{c}{4} organization it is fully within the rights of the Sandpiper to advocate political positions. The Sandpiper has existed as a monthly journal for almost 20 years with the mission of promoting the values of Del Mar that have made it such a desirable place to live. The Sandpiper covers many aspects of the city and its residents, a small percentage of which are editorials and opinion pieces which promote positions on issues that the editors feel are in line with community values. Not everyone may agree with these positions, so we solicit opposing views, including a “Pipe-up” feature to air differences.

In the current election, the Sandpiper offered space to all candidates to present their qualifications and to answer a set of questions about current issues. The editors decided it would be in the community’s interest to voice the Sandpiper’s views about the six candidates who are running. Of course, under the First Amendment, the Sandpiper has the right to express its views, just as many others in the community are doing.

This is the first contested election for Council in 10 years, and a lot is at stake for the community in who next serves. The editors came to a consensus about which candidates would do the most for Del Mar to promote the Community Plan and keep Del Mar from losing its unique character. The rationale for those choices is given in the paper. Perhaps Stubbs and two other candidates were disappointed not to be endorsed. But making an unfounded accusation against the press, whether in Del Mar or nationally, is a political ploy that gets air time but does not advance civic discourse.

We are encouraged that most of the candidates are focusing on issues important to citizens of Del Mar.

November Print Issue

Fact Check Page
November Print Issue

Sayings of Six
Bud Emerson | Klish Way

To no reader’s surprise, the Del Mar election campaign continues to paper our town with yard signs, flyers, and email chains. All six candidates met in a forum format sponsored by the Del Mar Times on October 20. All six presented themselves well and there were few surprises.

Of course, everyone makes the obligatory vow to abide by the Community Plan. One surprise is that all six agree that the gun shows at the fairgrounds should be discontinued. All support Measure Q calling for a 1% sales tax increase. All agree the community needs to speak up about how the new tax proceeds will be prioritized. Benedict and Corti say they hear support for undergrounding, Shores Park, and downtown streetscape.

All agree that safe rail crossing to the bluffs and beach needs to be accommodated. There is support for relocating the tracks off of the bluffs in the long run. Enforcement challenges were discussed. Candidate Stubbs thinks an unnamed “creative” solution can be found.

Most agree that Short Term Rental Businesses (less than 30 days) are causing more problems in neighborhoods all over town. Haviland, Parks, Druker, and Benedict believe the Community Plan does not allow these businesses except in the commercial districts, but residents should be permitted to rent out their homes or rooms on a limited basis. Stubbs believes bans do not work. Corti leans toward regulation and strong enforcement.

Druker endorses Measure R without reservation. All others said R creates significant legal and implementation problems.

Most agree that downtown needs revitalization, but other than streetscape improvements there were no concrete proposals.

Strong support for improving the Design Review Ordinance came from Haviland, Parks, Druker, and Benedict.

Candidate Corti was very critical of Sandpiper candidate endorsements and urged voters to support a slate of himself, Stubbs, and Benedict.

November Print Issue

What the Kids are Saying:
How To Be a Good Loser
James 9 yrs and Liam 10 yrs

Most of the friends that I play with, know how to be good losers. It’s election time for City Council, and there will definitely be some losers. These are some tips that we have picked up about being a good loser.

We think that he or she should be gracious and applaud the winner. You can celebrate the winner by saying “nice job.” The loser can be gracious by not accusing the other team, or just any opponent, of cheating when they haven’t.

Losers should also know that it’s okay to be sad or frustrated about losing, but you should keep your anger to yourself. The loser should know that a loss is a good learning opportunity, and that it is a chance for success in your next competition. Try to reward yourself in some way and just try to stay happy.

Some people get very sad when they lose. To let out some of the sadness, they should know that they tried hard and did their best, and that’s all you need. Whether it is anything like a simple football game or an election, it’s still important to know how to lose.

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